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Generation Y

  • CADR 633 m3/h
  • Size 128 m²
  • 5 stage filtration
  • 4 stage fan speed
  • Low noise
  • LED touch screen and Display
  • Child friendly and lock
  • HEPA 13
  • Smart Sensor
  • UVC and ION Technology
  • Designed for clinical and commercial use

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Generation Y has a sleek profile. Beyond meeting your technical requirements, makes a clear statement to your patients that this system is in place, adding to the feeling of safety, comfort and patient experience.

The Generation Y Air Purifier is our most popular choice for use in the clinical environment of dental surgical rooms.

Designed For Clinical Use

Made of strong white acrylic, the look of this purifier emphasises to your patients and staff that you have a clinical solution in place while being robust to withstand the usual bumps and knocks and can easily be wiped down using routine cleaning methods.

This unit gives the clear impression to your patients and staff that you are operating a clinical air purification system compared to a domestic equivalent.

Higher Purify Performance:

Use Generation Y to fill your environment with crisp, clean air.

633m3/hr clean air delivery rate

World-leading filter technology:

Generation Y world-leading filter technology. It comes with a customisable fabric pre-filter and a Hepa/Activated Carbon combination main filter. UVC and ION technology are added as well. This advanced combination filter catches virtually every airborne particle: pollen, dust, pet dander, mould spores, allergens, viruses and bacteria – and 99% of all PM2.5 particles. The active carbon even removes smoke, odours, gases and VOCs.

LED display that allows occupants to see the difference as they feel the difference

Use your smartphone to monitor your purifier from anywhere.

Quiet Environment:

Create a clean yet peaceful environment undisturbed by your air purifier. Generation Y makes as little as 23dB of sound, which is quieter than a whisper

Safe & Certified:

CE Certified. Note: please remove the filter’s plastic packaging before using your air purifier

Ultra-Long Service Life:

The AC capacitor motor uses durable high-precision bearing, and excellent internal structure increases abrasion resistance, extending the machine’s life.



Product Features:

Suitable area 128 m2
CADR Purification 633 m3/h
Noise ≤66dB
Filtration 5 stage filtration
LED display LED Display
Smart Phone Compatible Yes


Product Technical Details:

Technical Details
Colour White
Power (Wattage) 85 W
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Product Dimension 400×400×669mm
Package Dimension 430x430x710
Net/Gross Weight 9kg/11kg


Product Specification:

Motor DC
Sensor Dust Sensor (infrared Sensor)
Air Quality Indication Green, Blue, Red
Filter Pre-Filter
Hepa H-13
Activated Carbon
Anion 3 million/cm3
Negative ions
UV UV Light
Remote Control Without
Fan Speed Option 4 Speeds
Speed Mode Yes
Auto Mode Yes
Sleep Mode Yes
Timer Yes
Filter Life Remainder Yes
PM 25 Display Yes
Child Lock Yes


Air Change Rate by Fan Speed

Fan Speed Air Change Rate
Speed 1 209 m³/h
Speed 2 449 m³/h
Speed 3 550 m³/h
Speed 4 633 m³/h



Includes 1 year manufacturer warranty.


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