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How to create an asthma-friendly school environment

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Air Purification In Dentistry

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Most frequent questions

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particular Absorbing filter. HEPA filter traps 99.97% of particulates. HEPA filters trap air contaminants in a complex web of fibres. Depending on the size of the particle, this can happen in four different ways: Inertial impaction, Diffusion, Interception, or Sieving

Mars Purifier Technology can filter and kill particles of up to 0.1 microns, including COVID 19. Particles that can be removed are bacteria, viruses, fungi, volatile organic compounds, mould spores, tobacco smoke, pollen etc

The standard time for replacement is 6-12 months.

To maintain the ultimate performance of these purifiers, it is important to replace the filter at the right time. The change indicator light is displayed on the air purifier when the filter needs to be replaced. Recommended filter change: 6 months (4,380 hours) when used 24 hours a day

The replacement time will vary according to the method of use and the location where the product is set. When used in places with heavy air pollution, the replacement time will be sooner

It is important to position the purifier at least a minimum of 20cm from any wall. This will enable the purifier to capture air from all directions.

Mars Purifier has a white-glove service. Our purifiers can be delivered and installed on the same day of order. The standard delivery time is between 3-5 working days.

Our Generation Z has a clean air delivery rate of 1156m3/hr; this means it can cover areas of up to 110m2

The purifier is less than 20dB when working at speed setting 1. This means the purifier will not be heard. When there is pollution in the air, the purifier will work at its optimum speed to clean the air and it can reach noise levels of 58dB

The purifier and humidifier can be used in conjunction. However, in places of high humidity, there is a limitation to the device. On some occasions, a humidifier can release unclean particles, which the purifier will detect. Opening a window can remove unwanted particles in the air.

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