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Air Purifier For Sale Near Me In 2022- Mars Purifier

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Air Purification In Dentistry

Air Purification In Dentistry

A version of this article was posted on Dentistry’s blog. In this article, we explain how dental air purifiers is a reliable way to help increase efficiency in dental practices across the UK and Europe. Mars Purifier is the only UK-based company accredited to ISO 14464. Supporting documentation is supplied with the purifier, which users

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Classroom air purifiers

Do we need air purifiers in every UK school and classroom?

With UK covid-19 cases on the rise again and back to school just around the corner, experts are asking how we can make our schools and classrooms safer for children. According to The WHO, the virus can spread from an infected person’s mouth or nose in small liquid particles when they cough, sneeze, speak, sing

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July air purifier air filtration dental clinic

The benefits of air purifiers for dentists 

The benefits of air purifiers for dentists  The benefits of air purifiers for dentists are vital assets in the healthcare industry. They help to maintain the highest levels of cleanliness in any given environment so staff patients and visitors are protected from harmful airborne particles. The same is true in the dental industry. In dentistry,

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Clean empty classroom with air purifier

The benefits of classroom air purifiers

The benefits of classroom air purifiers   There’s no indoor space that wouldn’t benefit from the addition of an air purifier, however, they can be particularly useful in schools. Schools and classrooms are where students and teachers spend most of their day. As such, it’s important to uphold high standards of health and safety in

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Woman outside breathing clean air

6 ways clean air can benefit your health

6 ways clean air can benefit your health The importance of clean air purification systems has become a hot topic as of late. Research has shown that air pollution is on the rise in the UK, both in urban and rural background sites. According to Allergy UK, air pollution is also the fourth greatest threat

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Safer workspace

The key to a safer workplace after COVID-19

The global pandemic has highlighted an urgent need for safer and cleanlier work environments. Social distancing, PPE and home-working became the norm in order to protect the masses from COVID-19 infections. But are these practices here to stay? Commercial air purifiers are good for health.No matter whether you work in an office, hospital or factory,

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3d model of generic airborne virus

Can air purifiers eliminate viruses?

The need for high-quality air purification is now more important than ever. It’s a well-known fact that air purifiers can help to enhance indoor air quality and improve respiratory health. But can they eliminate airborne viruses too? In this article we’ll take a closer look at air purifier technology to find out whether it can

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Dentist holding dental tools

How to reduce fallow time in dentistry | Mars Purifier

The COVID-19 pandemic has further emphasized the importance of reliable air purification in dentistry. In order to keep staff and patients safe in such a high-risk environment, it’s essential that How to reduce fallow time in dentistry  you maintain impeccable hygiene standards during and between dental appointments.  This is why the concept of fallow time

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