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Air Purifiers for Gyms & Fitness Studios

Clean air is proven to have a variety of health benefits. In addition to aiding in concentration during sports, clean air indirectly promotes better training outcomes. More oxygen is supplied to muscles through unhampered breathing of pure, fresh air, resulting in improved training performance.

Mars Purifier for gyms & fitness studios
Mars Purifier

Improved performance & client safety using Mars purifier For Your Gym & Fitness Studio

In gyms and sports centers, HEPA air filtration is used to create safe spaces by filtering out the transmission of diseases (such as COVID-19 or flu and colds). With a Mars Air Purifier gyms and sports centers can also provide clean air zones with no offensive smells thanks to our advanced air purification technologies – creating secure and healthy environments for both employees and clients.

Indoor air quality is often deteriorated in gyms, swimming pools, and any other sports facility due to the activity that takes place there: cycling rooms, bodybuilding, fitness classes. martial arts, cardio, etc. It’s become increasingly important to promote environmental cleanliness while also improving health and sense of security and well-being.

In high-traffic, high-volume rooms with significant activity, where people are physically active or stay for an extended amount of time, ensuring adequate fresh air supply is difficult. Germs and viruses spread even more when you simply flip the switch on an air conditioning or ventilation system that has a clogged filter or there’s a lack of free-flowing air.

In every scenario, air purification may help to save lives by protecting people from dangerous infections or high-risk groups. Our air purifiers, such as the Mars Purifier Generation Z are perfectly suited for health spas – massage rooms, therapy spaces, waiting areas, reception areas, gyms, fitness studios, as well as other areas like reception, exercise rooms, machine rooms

 Benefits of air purifiers for your gym & fitness studio

A fitness studio full of athletic people alongside Mars Purifier Air Purifiers

Generation z - our recommended choice for gyms & fitness studios

HEPA 13 Filter
Photocatalyst Technology
LED Touch, Remote Control
Generation z
WIFI Enabled
High CADR Rate
UVC & ION Technology​

Meet the Mars Purifier product line

High Performance Air Purification Helps Create Safer Air in exercising environments

The airborne risk of transmission will be reduced if the air space is free of germs and viruses. Our high-frequency air cleaning solutions, such as the Mars Purifier Generation Z is perfectly placed to execute this work.

High Performance Air Purification

Why Choose Mars Purifier For Your Gym / Fitness Studio?

  • Mars Purifier not only captures but destroys 99.99% of all particles as small as 0.007 micron, 10x smaller than the COVID-19 virus.
  • Medical grade purification trusted for hospitals, clean rooms, government, military, luxury hotels and leading corporations
  • Recommended by hospitals and dental clinics
  • Independently tested and proven performance
  • Cleans all contaminant categories: particulate matter, volatile organics compounds and micro-organisms
  • Low cost of use, retrofittable, plug and play installation
Dental awards nomination - Mars Purifier

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