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About Us

Who We Are

Mars Purifier is the leading brand in commercial air purification for airborne contamination and infection control, and the only purification brand to achieve ISO 14644 accreditation. We provide certified solutions to manage a broad range of particulate, chemical, gaseous and odour contamination.

Our air purification solutions have enabled dentists to reduce fallow time and NHS hospitals reduce air-to-surface contamination of MRSA, COVID-19 and other airborne viruses and particulates.

We work closely with hospitals, laboratories, dental clinics, hotels, health clubs and offices both across the UK and globally. We have a scientific approach to airborne contamination control and only install solutions that are individually tested, certified and guaranteed to perform as promised.

Contact us today for expert advice.


Mars Purifier are committed to developing a long term working relationship built on trust and providing confidence by aligning with your business goals and giving you the piece of mind you have continued support and improving your business continuity.


By choosing Mars Purifier, you instantly get a validated purification system allowing you to not only meet current guidance, but demonstrate your compliance with supporting documentation for regulatory inspections


Mars purifier works closely with various agencies and works tirelessly to ensure we are ahead of the game and implement any changes required to maintain regulatory compliance should current guidance change.

Why we are the best!

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We are Purification Experts

Mars Purifier is the leading brand in commercial air purification for airborne contamination and infection control. Founded by a Doctor and a Clinical Scientist Mars Purifier is developed from the ground up with clinical service in mind. Our team are highly trained in Air Science, Ventilation and its application to reduce the risk of respiratory infections. if you are unsure on how to best implement a ventilation solution to improve the safety of your staff and visitors, speak with one of our experts today!

ISO Certified Company

Validated to ISO:14644 we are able to provide documentation for CADR performance, removing the need to over estimate air delivery rates as documentation can be used to evidence compliance to regulations for regulatory inspections.

UK Based

Based out of Nottingham in the UK, you know when you buy from Mars Purifier you are supporting the British Economy and have a team of specialists in the UK on hand to support all sales, technical and after sales requirements with no overseas call centres!

Confidence matters!

Patients and visitors are at the heart of any business. Mars Purifier’s air purification systems have a presence that screams clinical device. This confidence makes everyone on site feel safer and is great to use images on social media to build confidence and grow your customer base and revenue. 

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