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How to create an asthma-friendly school environment

How to create an asthma-friendly school environment

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Air Purification In Dentistry

Air Purification In Dentistry

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Air Purification System

Buy with confidence when you choose a Mars Purifier Unit, designed for use in clinical and regulatory enviroments.

Featured Products

6-stage purification & Sterilisation

Large-particulate filter

Activated Carbon Filter

Ion Technology

UV-C Sterilisation

Medical Grade HEPA Filter

Photocatalyst (Generation Z only)

Ultra Portable

Plug and play air purification. No need to knock down walls or use expensive mechanical ventilation such as HVAC.


Air delivery rates validated to ISO14464 with documentation to support regulatory inspection.

Low maintenance Cost

Our filters are easy to replace with minimal training. Filters only need replacing every 6 months when used in clinical practice.

Quiet operation

Minimise disruption during patient care with quite operation with an average db level of less than 20db

What Mars Purifier Filters and Kills

viruses including Coronavirus



Volatile organic compounds

Mercury Vapor



Mould Spores

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100% Recommend
I just wanted to say how pleased with are with our new Mars air purifier. We have been using it now for around 6 weeks and are really impressed with the system. It keeps the air flow in our piercing studio clean and fresh and also gives extra confidence to both our body piercer and customers, particularly it situations when customers need to remove their masks for piercing. We would 100% recommend this unit to other companies and in particular close contact services such as ourselves and places like tattooists and beauticians.
Jacob Davis
August 31, 2020
Reduce Fallow Time
Quality purifiers. Helped reduce fallow time massively at our chain of dental clinics, which has already saved us a bunch of time and money.
David Vernon
January 2, 2021
Great Customer Service
Thank you Mars Purifier. I was unsure which product to install in my clinic. Thanks to Keith who explained clean air delivery rate and calculated which purifier i would need for my room size
February 10, 2021
Feel Safer
Installed in my fitness class. My clients feel safer working out in groups.
March 15, 2021

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